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Fallen Earth Issues March State of the Game

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Alpha_CreatureSay what you will about Fallen Earth, the studio is certainly one of the most communicative in the industry, dishing out regular monthly updates on the goings-on within the game and its direction for the future. In the latest State of the Game Report, Senior Game Designer Marie Croall talks about the new areas of Alpha County, the bulk of which is on target for a Q2 release, general combat changes, housing, and raid content, or the lack thereof, in Fallen Earth:


Full raids as seen in other games require a huge amount of time and resources from every department in order to make them fun and challenging repeatable content. It was a higher priority for our team to get Alpha County completed before we began work on the Fallen Earth version of a raid, which for us would be a large dramatic instance with strategic fights and repeatable content. We will not be adding the necessity to grind raids for high end gear. That being said, we do have a much larger-scale instance on the schedule for about two months after Alpha County’s release, and while I’m pretty sure Devo (our Art Director) would have my head if I gave too much away, I can safely say it will be a large part of the Sector 4 storyline.


You can read the full State of the Game on the Fallen Earth forums.

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