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Exploring Guild Wars 2's Grawl NPC Race

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Guild Wars 2 Grawl ShamanGeneric baddies in the original Guild Wars, the ape-like grawl get a little more backstory and much fancier loincloths for Guild Wars 2, and last week ArenaNet posted a developer diary about the animalistic adversaries, including insightful looks at their history and religion. Hint: If it can kill you, they worship it.

Religious fervor can, of course, lead to big problems for the other races of Tyria, which was a major issue when the Flame Legion of the charr subjugated the grawl and used them as a blunt instrument against the humans of Ascalon during the time of the first Guild Wars.

On occasion, great religious movements form among the grawl, encompassing multiple tribes throughout an entire region. During these transient periods of religious fervor, grawl will abandon their traditional beliefs for the trending new faith. At times like this, the grawl are at their most dangerous, for the religious friction between the new faith and the old can erupt into a bloody holy war—one in which all non-grawl are potential converts, hostages, or enemies.

Learn more about the grawl on the Guild Wars 2 website.


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