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Aion's 2.7 Update Goes Live

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Aion 2.7 UpdateNCSoft has gone live with the 2.7 Update for Aion, focusing on PvP, or, as the press announcement put it, "heated Daeva on Daeva action!" Ooh la la! Sadly, there won't be any X-rated content in 2.7, but there will be a pair of arenas, a new 48-player instance, and the usual assortment of new loot and general game refinements.

The Crucible Coliseum is now open for business, sporting two PvP arenas: The Arena of Discipline matches two Daevas up against each other in a 1v1 fight to the finish, while the Arena of Chaos is a grand melee for 10 players to duke it out in a giant free-for-all. 2.7 also updates several of the game's dungeons, while introducing the level 55 instance Padmarashka's Cave, which takes Daevas into the inner sanctum of Balaurea to challenge the boss monsters Sematariux and Padmarashka, which were previously encountered in the open world, and eventually the Dragon Lord Tiamat.

You can learn all about this meaty update for Aion here.


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