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WoW Arena Registration Now Open

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armored-murlocHere's some important news for all of you World of Warcraft arena enthusiasts: You can now sign up for the 2010 Arena Tournament at the WoW official website. At stake is an exclusive “Vanquisher” title to wear over your head while chillin' at Ironforge or Dalaran, plus an Armored Murloc in-game pet, because one can never have too many of those cute little darlings.

Take note though: Not everyone is eligible to participate, as it is limited to residents of these 10 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, or Argentina. Additionally, residents of certain areas within the U.S., Canada, and Australia cannot join (see list below). You must also be of “majority” age (i.e., not a minor) in your country of residence, and must have both the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions on an active account.

Assuming you meet all these requirements, you then have to pay $20 to enter the qualifying round. For some reason, Canadians can opt out of the fee by submitting a 250-word essay comparing tournament video gaming in Canada to tournament video gaming in the United States, on real paper (from trees!) through snail mail. [Ed. Note: It’s that wacky Canadian law – any time you have a contest that requires a cash purchase, you must provide the kooky Canucks with a free alternative.] You didn't expect them to make it easy, did you? To even up the playing field, all participants are granted three level 80 characters and provided enough gold to equip and train themselves for the battle.

You can register for the tournament by logging in to your account on the World of Warcraft website. For more information on the rules and mechanics, visit the Arena Tournament page.

Areas excluded from the contest:

  • Arizona (U.S.)
  • Connecticut (U.S.)
  • Maryland (U.S.)
  • North Dakota (U.S.)
  • Vermont (U.S.)
  • Quebec (Canada)
  • Victoria (Aus)
  • Queensland (Aus)
  • Australian Capital Territory
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