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Rift's Ember Isle Erupts

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thumb_RIFT_EmberIsle_02_bmp_jpgcopyThe new update for Rift, From the Embers, goes live today. The biggest update so far for the game, it brings with it a new landmass for level 50 players that's twice the size of any current zone, along with over a hundred new quests, a new dungeon, new raid, new warfront mode, and a new look at Planar Attunement.

The new dungeon, Caduceus Rise, boasts of 11 new bosses, non-linear progression, normal mode and two expert mode wings. Along with Ember Isle itself, the 10-person sliver in Stonefield, Rise of the Phoenix and the new Black Garden: Stockpile warfront mode round out the new content.


thumb_RIFT_EmberIsle_08_bmp_jpgcopyA volcanic island twice the size of Stillmoor, Ember Isle is home to an array of powerful spirits found nowhere else in Telara. Drawn or given life by the island’s unusual concentration of sourcestone, these spirits forged pacts with the Kelari, helping the elves build a magical kingdom to rival and outlast the Eth Empire.

With the Kelari gone, the spirits haunt the marble ruins and lurk between the trees. Many have become feral or embittered, easy prey to the rage of Maelforge.


You can learn more about Ember Isle on the Rift site here.


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