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EverQuest II Goes Free-to-Play

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thumb_freeport_lucan_guardsIf last year's EverQuest II Expanded didn't get you in the mood for some free-to-play EQ2 action, you can now go full-on into EQ2 F2P mode and even enjoy a new game update and expansion pack to boot. Today, EverQuest II goes fully free-to-play, coinciding with the release of a new free update and the pay-to-play Age of Discovery expansion pack.

The eighth expansion for the game intorduces the much-requested Beastlord class and Dungeon Maker feature, while the Freeport Reborn free update pits players against the villainous overlord of Norrath's newly redesigned hub city.

Here's a rundown of the new membership tiers for the game:

  • Free - All new players or "Bronze" level members from EverQuest II Extended will have two character slots to max out at level 90. Some game features will be restricted, including available races, bag slots, spell tiers, equipment grades and more.
  • Silver - Any player who purchases the Silver Upgrade token for 500 Station Cash (or $5 USD) will have fewer restrictions than "free" users. This level does not expire and includes all of the Free membership features plus additional features including character slots, bag slots, spell tiers, unlimited chat options and more.
  • Gold - Gold membership is available for $14.99 USD per month and provides access to 16 classes, 15 races, seven character slots, six bag slots per character, access to Legendary and Fabled equipment, and more.


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