Do I Really Need a Gaming Laptop?

The best way to find out if you really need a gaming laptop is to buy one and find out. Once you have it in your hands, you’ll quickly find out if the right laptop is the right fit for you or if you end up with a cool-looking piece of tech that’s not quite what you were looking for. Either way, buying a gaming laptop is a big investment, and there’s a lot to consider. To help you out, we’ve created this article to guide you in your search of the best gaming laptop.

Are Laptops Good for Gaming?

Laptops have been a popular gaming system for a while now, as their compact sizes and excellent portability allow for greater portability when compared to the traditional desktop setup. Nevertheless, laptops are often overlooked when it comes to picking out a new PC. There are several reasons for this, but when it comes to gaming, it’s difficult to overlook the laptop’s build quality.

Gaming laptops are the best choice for serious gamers. They have better graphics than desktop computers and can be used for more than just playing games. These are becoming more and more popular; usually, it’s due to the growing popularity of PC gaming, but lately, the trend seems to be shifting towards mobile gaming. This is why manufacturers include high-end discrete graphics cards like NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX860M, which is only 33% slower than the desktop GeForce GTX 970.

What Laptop Brands Are Good for Gaming?

Over the past year, the gaming laptop category has exploded into a major market. Gaming laptops have been very popular for a number of years, but in the past couple of years, the category has really picked up. In fact, gaming laptops are more popular than ever before—in part because of their ability to provide both a powerful gaming experience and the latest and greatest of laptops, at a great price.

To help you make the right choice for gaming laptops, we have chosen the following laptop brand options that we think you should keep in mind:

  • Asus – is one of the most well-known gaming laptops brands out there, but why is it so good? Well, the brand is built on top of the company’s Republic of Gamers brand, which is aimed at hardcore PC gamers. That name is based on gaming culture, which is one of the main reasons you’ll see the Republic of Gamers logo everywhere at gaming-related events.
  • Acer – is one of the top laptop brands around the world, and they offer a wide range of laptops with different features and prices. The Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro VN7-791G is one such laptop that offers a great value for money. This laptop is a great choice for gamers who want a laptop that fits in their budget and has some decent gaming chops
  • Dell – is one of the best laptop brands good for gaming. They offer consumers a wide array of laptops that support a wide range of budgets and requirements. Their laptops are not only good for gaming but also for daily use. They have the latest technologies, such as Intel’s latest UHD 620 graphics card, and their laptops are known for their durability and reliability.
  • Alienware – is one of the biggest names in the game of game – it’s known for making some of the most powerful laptops on the planet. And while its laptops may not be for everyone, they certainly are the only way to play a game like a pro. Alienware is known for making the best gaming laptops that are absolute monsters when it comes to power, performance, and overall experience.
  • Razer – is again one of the best laptop brands good for gaming. Razer is a world-leading brand in the gaming laptop industry, with a wide range of products across a range of price points. They provide a great value for money and a premium experience with their products. Their design and their features have been a huge part of the success of the Razer brand.
  • MSI – MSI laptops are known for their performance and good quality. With the new GS63VR Stealth Pro release, MSI listed many improvements and improvements in its gaming laptops, such as better GPU performance, LCD display, and the best materials. We all know that MSI laptops are designed and manufactured to give gamers a superior gaming experience, and the new GS63VR Stealth Pro is another example.

Gaming laptops have been around for a few years now and have been a staple for PC gamers ever since. The newest breed of gaming laptops have been built with a particular focus on performance, with the latest models integrating the latest processors and graphics cards.

What Laptop Specs Are Good for Gaming?

Gaming laptops are one of the most hotly debated topics in the world of tech. For the most part, the gaming category is separated into two camps: the high-end, laptop-like laptops used for competitive gaming and the more desktop-like, tower-style laptops designed for casual gaming. When it comes to the former, the best choices are the aforementioned AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5 processors since they combine both high-end gaming performance and power efficiency.

How Heavy Are Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops do not have the benefit of weight reduction, and many games rely on a fast processor, a good graphics card and a large display. Even with all these conditions, gaming laptops can still be heavyweights.

You might think that all gaming laptops are the same, that they all possess the same specifications designed to perform the same tasks. The truth is that they are not. All of these will have their own specific components made to ensure the quality of your gaming experience. The majority of gaming laptops are heavy beasts weighing 3kg or more.


For most people, the idea of buying a gaming laptop is not an appealing one (unless you’re a gamer). Gaming laptops are expensive, bulky, and fragile, and they’re not exactly the most convenient way to play games on the go. However, there are cases where one can make sense of buying a gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops are the future of gaming, but there are still some things to consider before you decide which laptop to purchase. This type of laptop is becoming more popular in the market, and choosing the right one can help you increase your gaming experience.

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