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Wizard101 Gardening: Advice from a Grandmaster

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8ad6a4042c5e4466012c6075db7a011c_1Gardening: A primer by a Grandmaster Gardener

First, visit the gardening NPC in Wizard City.  As you level, there are more advanced NPC's in Krokotopia, Mooshu and Celestia, each selling better seeds and spells.  Buy some basic seeds from the first NPC (dandelions, etc) and get started. Pick a clear area that fits into your land area of your house.  I've never used the planters offered as I have a house for each of my active characters. 


Is Wizard101 Just For Kids?

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By Eric Bloom, long-time gamer and lead vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult


My Aion Beta Experience

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By Eric Bloom, longtime gamer and lead vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult

I recently entered the 'beta' test for Aion, thanks to our magnanimous editor Doug Kale. The 5 gig + download takes awhile depending on your internet connection. Turns out I sucked the bandwidth out of the whole hotel system downloading while I was playing a concert 2 nights ago. However, the download was smooth, no glitches. My trusty Toshiba Satellite with SLi actually handled the download while I played WAR at the same time. (Yay!, got 2 pieces of Sent gear for my Sorc doing Bile).


My Aion Beta Weekend Review - 2

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By Eric Bloom, long time gamer and lead vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult.




AIon Beta Report #3

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By Eric Bloom, long-time gamer and lead vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult.

The closed beta testing in Aion ended on August 17th, and with time running out, I pushed my Spiritmaster (one of two Mage choices) to level 20 and left the rest of my Elyos characters behind. At this level, it's all PvE and I'd soloed 90% of the quests. The rest I joined up with others in pick up groups and had fun grouping with friendly faces to take out some tough customers I couldn't defeat alone.

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