New Wizard101 World: Zafaria

Hold on to your pointy wizard hats, boys and girls — KingsIsle is back with a new zone for Wizard101 that marks the game’s biggest content push since last year’s Celestia. Zafiria is the name of the place, and the African-themed world brings with it a ton of new lands to explore, enemies to battle, friends to make, and spells to learn.

Zafiria is a continuation of the Celestia plotline, a lush savannah/jungle world where players will re-encounter the Umbra Queen Morganthe — but they’ll also have a new arsenal of spells and abilities to deal with her evil machinations. The level cap is being raised from 60 to 70, and new Rank 9 spells will be made available to combat the dangers of this lush, shadowy world. Wizards will have access to new gear, pets, and appropriately themed mounts while exploring the many destinations of Zafiria, including:

  • Baobab, the market Hub of Zafaria.
  • The Savannah, with its open grasslands and hidden dens.
  • Zamuda, the great wooden city of the Zebra Empire
  • Stone Town, capital of the Elephant Nation
  • Drum Jungle, where twisted ruins hide beneath the lush canopy.    

Zafiria will go live on the public test server shortly, and the expansion is expected to go live before the end of the year. Our only question is: Do they make pith wizard hats?

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