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Clone Wars Adventures Goes Wide Open

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thumb_CWA-UmbaraDecember 15 might be lamented by some fans of SOE's Star Wars games as the date Star Wars Galaxies shuts down, but it'll be celebrated by others as the date when a huge new update hits for Clone Wars Adventures. For the first time, players will be able to team up and bring a slew of new weapons to bear at their Separatist foes.

Clone Wars Adventures: Battle of Umbara takes players to the planet seen in the CWA animated show, where they'll be able to guide their avatar in a fully 3-D world, similar to other MMOs. Players will be able to equip a wide variety of weapons or use their Force Attack powers to deal with the Separatist battle droids and other foes. The new environements will feature destructible elements, collections, zone events, and bosses with unique item rewards and special mounts as loot.


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