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Wizard101 - What makes this game so special?

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Another look at what makes this game so special


Over the months we’ve done a few guides for Wizard101 here at Beckett Massive Online Gamer, showing players what they can expect from Wizard City, Krokotopia and Grizzleheim, as well as basic introductions to the game. This time we’re going to do something a little different simply because there are far too many new and exciting things coming to the game NOT to say something about them! If you are a long time player then you’re already familiar with all of these changes, but for those who have never played before or who are just starting, this article should show you exactly why Wizard101 is the fantastic game that it is.

High Ho Silver!
KingsIsle has been very hard at work and one of the most exciting announcements we learned about was that they plan to introduce mounts to the game (they more than likely already have by the time this magazine hits the stores). These mounts will allow wizards to travel through the spire in style, and with speed!


The first mounts that will be released are brooms, horses, cats and dragons, with more planned in the future. Mounts can be rented for a day, or a week. They can also be purchased permanently. The one- and seven-day rentals allow players to try out a mount and decide which one they want to own for good. One-day rentals add a 20% movement speed buff; seven-day and permanent mounts add 40%.

One week and permanent mounts can be bought with in-game gold or with crowns. Along with these new mounts, KingsIsle announced that a new Crown Shop (an in-game user interface that will be available) will be opening, allowing players to easily purchase items for crowns.

You may remember Prospector Zeke selling boosters, gold and gear for crowns, but now he will be replaced with a one-stop shop that players will have access to from within the game with a Crown Shop icon. There will be sale items (they’re exactly how they sound: items that are being offered at a reduced price. These items will also change regularly), gold, mounts, elixirs, equipment bundles, henchmen and treasure card booster packs sold within the Crown Shop.

If you’ve been away from the game awhile or haven’t given it a try, you may not be familiar with some of the things mentioned above. One of which is elixirs. Elixirs give players a temporary boost and can be almost anything from an increase in the amount of gold you win during duels, in the amount of experience you earn, to your power pip chance and many other stats. These elixirs have some conditions attached to them. You cannot have two elixirs on you at the same time. You can however use three different types at once. You can not purchase them or use them during PvP either. All of these elixirs will be purchased with crowns.

Another up-and-coming game feature mentioned above is henchmen. These are hired wizards that can help you in a duel and can only be bought while you’re in combat. These are temporary, you can only purchase so many a day, and they will disappear once you’re done with your fight. These henchmen act similar to minions but are stronger and smarter, so if you come across a very difficult boss fight and none of your friends are around to help you, this would be a perfect time to call a henchman to help you win!

Rocking Wizard City in Style
Picture+2009-06-12+13-37-06Have you ever found a matching outfit in-game that you just absolutely loved, and felt sad when you had to replace it with gear that was better for you as you worked your way through the spiral? Well, now there is a seamstress who can help you with that!

Eloise Merryweather can now sew! For a small fee of crowns she will allow you to transfer the stats of one item onto the appearance of another! That means if you love the way your Grizzleheim outfit looked, but want the stats from your Dragonspyre set, you can pay her to change them for you. When you talk to her you simply select the item you want to use as the appearance, and the item you want to use as stats. You click ‘create’ and you’ll have a whole new outfit with the look and stats you want combined into one.

Of course there are a few things to keep in mind – like it can’t be undone – so you’ll want to be careful with the sewing. You wouldn’t want to ruin something by mistake! It also costs crowns to do this, so you’ll need a parent’s help if you’re too young to be purchasing crowns on your own. Personally, I’m really excited about these changes. They’re not quite the same as having appearance gear per say, but it’s certainly an innovative way to allow players to dress the way they’d like! Congratulations to KingsIsle for coming up with this new method.

There are also a handful of smaller changes that have taken place over the months, like housing previews. If you’ve never known which house you wanted to purchase because you hadn’t unlocked the other realms in the spiral to be able to view them, you can now preview them. Simply speak to the castle shopkeeper turtle and select the house you want to look at, click on the ‘preview’ button and you’ll be ported to the house. A real estate agent will then guide you through the home. Of course these changes are all always combined with numerous other quests, gear and crafting changes, as the good folks at KingsIsle are constantly striving to better their game for all players.

What players value most is being listened to and being made to feel like part of the gaming community and KingsIsle has shown this in spades. If you haven’t tried Wizard101 yet, then there’s really no better time. I’ll see you in the spiral!

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