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About Rifts in Aion

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Aion2As you level up through the early twenties in Aion (and even earlier if you happen to watch the chat channels often enough), you'll hear people talking about “rifting.” I'm going to give a brief explanation today on what that is, and why you're going to want to figure out how it works. A rift is a portal that opens up between the Elyos lands and the Asmodian lands. They appear randomly in level 20+ zones and are one of the few ways to PvP, aside from traveling to the Abyss. It's also used to reach instances.

When a rift opens, you'll see a system-wide message (as long as you're in the zone where the rift is) announcing that one has opened. They are limited by time, players, and level. Once the time limit has passed or the limit of players has passed through, they will close. There are rifts that will take you to an area and also rifts that will let you leave.

Elyos Rifts:Aion

  • Level 20-40: Entrance – Eltnen; Exit - Morheim
  • Level 30-50: Entrance – Interdiktah; Exit - Beluslan

Asmodian Rifts:

  • Level 20-40: Entrance – Morheim; Exit - Eltnen
  • Level 30-50: Entrance – Beluslan; Exit - Interdiktah

There are 14 rift points to a map: seven entrance points and seven exit points. The entrance points do not change, although the exit points can vary slightly. Each rift is unique in the number of players it allows to pass through, as well as the level of the player. The time that it remains open stays the same (two hours of in-game time).

If you happen to be adventuring around an area where a rift opens up, be very careful. I can't recall the number of times my Asmodian was out minding her own business when all of the sudden a bunch of Elyos dropped from the sky right on top of her. You'll typically hear warnings about rifts as you adventure, plus there's almost always a group of friends close by who want to help camp the rift openings.

Just keep your eyes and ears open and before long you'll find yourself eager to find these rifts so you can join in on the fun. Happy gaming!

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