Top 10 Licensed MMOs We’d Like to See

In the lastest issue of Massive Online Gamer, our look back at 2009 concludes with a look forward to 2010. In that sidebar, we presume that licensed games will take a larger piece of the MMO pie in 2010 and beyond, with heavy hitters like Star Trek, DC Comics, and Star Wars entering the MMO arena in 2010 (or, in Star Wars‘ case, re-entering in 2011). This got us to thinking: What other potential licenses are out there that would make for cool MMOs? And what would you like to see?

In no particular order:

Terminator. Talk about an easy sell for PvP. Play alongside John Connor and Kyle Reese and the resistance, or join the machines in the attempt to hunt down humanity. Bonus points if the creators could get the Governator to supply voiceovers.

Harry Potter. We love Wizard101, but let’s be honest — it gets a lot of its inspiration from J.K. Rowling’s work. An actual MMORPG based in Hogwarts, maybe set after the events of the books, would make enough gold knuts to give World of Warcraft a run for its money.

The Simpsons. We’re frankly amazed this one hasn’t come to pass yet. True, Simpsons video games have, by and large, sucked, but tripping around a virtual Springfield would be awesome (and instead of heath and mana potions, you could have doughnuts and Duff).

Doctor Who. Another seeming natural for the sci-fi crowd, and it’s been around forever (or so it seems). And, with the series introducing new actors to the role via “regeneration” and the craziness of time travel, everyone could be a Doctor!

NFL. Yes, Madden has its online and career modes — now, let’s combine both into one. Finding 21 other people to play with and against would be rough (and AI teammates would almost certainly be needed), but I for one look forward to the day where I can say “Middle linebacker LFG.”

Monopoly. A pseudo-crazy idea, but think of it like a family-friendly territorial and economic game, perhaps with minigames to determine control of areas. I’ll fight you for Oriental Avenue!

Pokemon. Another license to print money, though people used to having access to hundreds of Pokemon might balk at just having a few to level up. I mean, you couldn’t have 400+ character slots — could you?

Toy Story. Here’s one to get Cryptic working on. Imagine the character-creation options; you could design anything from a wooden doll to a stuffed animal. And given the characters’ size, just a couple of city blocks could encompass the entire game world.

Firefly. A personal favorite, and there was a game in development a while back (and that Buffy MMO looks intriguing). But it would be a great way for Browncoats to continue their odyssey through Joss Whedon’s unjustly cancelled ‘verse.

A Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series of novels is set to debut on HBO later this year and has plenty of room for intrigue, battle, and backstabbing in the shattered nation of Westeros.

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