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Massive Online Gamer 2011 Readers' Choice Awards

Vote for your favorite MMO and make your voice heard!

With the recent explosion of free-to-play games, it seems like there are more games than ever coming out. It’s hard enough to keep track of them all, much less keep track of the good ones. Fortunately, that’s where you come in. Yes, you. Especially you, Jake. (Chances are your name isn’t actually Jake, but if it is, we probably just freaked you out.)

Below you’ll find our categories and nominees for the best of the best in MMO gaming this year. You can vote online once, twice, or a hundred times (until December 8), and make sure to tell all your friends, so they’re voices can be heard, as well. We’ll announce the winners around the start of the new year and give them a shout-out in the next issue of MOG. It’s your duty as a citizen to vote, whether your residence is Azeroth, Norrath, The Spiral, or some low-sec system in the blackest reaches of space. (Absolutely no absentee voting allowed.)

NOTE: Since it’s not due to launch until after our voting deadline, Star Wars: The Old Republic is still on our “Most Anticipated” list. It will be considered a “new release” for next year’s voting.

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Best New MMO of 2011



Best Fantasy MMO of 2011



Best Non-Fantasy MMO of 2011



Best New F2P MMO



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