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Fallen Earth Issues May State of the Game

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fe_s4_end_runIn this month's State of the Game update for Fallen Earth, Game Designer Marie Croall talks about the new Sector 4 content, set to go live on the Public Test Server this Wednesday. Progress Towns will be a big focus of the update, along with some major changes to how characters improve their combat skills.


One of the largest changes we’ve made is to the way minimum levels of skills are derived. Currently, the minimum level of skill lines such as Pistol, Rifle or Melee are raised by default when players put points into Stats such as Coordination, Dexterity and Endurance. This is changing so that only the maximum value of a skill is raised by increasing its associated stats.

With the changes, we will be raising the amount of AP given at each level from 20 to 30 and raising the spend cap from 25 to 35 per level.

We are making this revision to fix the imbalance that comes with players not having to invest points into a skill to gain the benefit. Additionally this will allow us to bring buffs and consumables in line with their intended purpose without having to design around the unintended and overpowering side effects. While this is a substantial change, it is one that we need to look at in order to further bring players into balance and to reward them for putting points into skill lines.

Along with this change we will be removing the skill requirements to wield Melee, Pistol and Rife weapons. These weapons will require level to use, however players using the weapon without putting points into the skill will see a reduction in the damage they do. In other words, anyone at level 30 can use a GA-15 Home Securer, but the player who put points in the skill will be much more deadly with it.


You can read the full announcement on the Fallen Earth forums here.

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